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Hello everybody. I'm Dilara Torunoğlu Selamet. I'm lecturer at the Department of Computer Engineering of Computer and Informatics Faculty of Istanbul Technical University and Ph.D student at Graduate School of Science Engineering and Technology in ITU.

My main research area is Natural Language Processing and the application of Machine Learning techniques into this area. I am experienced in:

  • Normalization and its approaches,
  • Deep Learning,
  • Word sense disambiguation,
  • Statistical Natural Language Processing,
  • Sentence Simplification,
  • Data annotation,
  • Data Mining and Machine Learning algorithms,
  • Data Mining process and real world applications of Supervised Data Mining algorithms,
  • Semantic Smoothing Approaches,
  • Textual Data Mining,
  • Wikipedia and Twitter Based Text Classification,
  • Sentiment Analysis.
and so on • • • • • • • • • • • •


This is our Natural Language Processing project group in Computer Engineering Department of Istanbul Technical University.

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Led by Asst. Prof. Dr. Gülşen Cebiroğlu Eryiğit ITU Natural Language Processing Team's efforts on ”Text Processing“ with Umut Sulubacak , Tuğba Pmy and Dilara Torunoğlu Selamet became the first work to be licensed out abroad by ITU NOVA TTO. Following our achievement, we were awarded a plaque by our rector, Prof. Dr. Mehmet Karaca. As the ITU NLP group, we are hoping to keep up our accomplishments.

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I have been working on Natural Language Processing since 2013. I have started with data mining and text mining algorithms in machine learning systems. Now I am currently working on my thesis about word sense disambiguation of Turkish language. Also, I am working on deep learning algorithms to apply them in Turkish NLP problems.


Normalization in NLP
90% Complete
Word Sense Disambiguation
70% Complete
Deep Learning
40% Complete

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